RAVENLOFT: Fraternity of Fools

Into the Mists

After a harrowing encounter with goblin archers and a hag, the group escaped down the South Dnar river into raging rapids. Once the rapids were cleared, they travelled another ten to twenty miles before making land and setting out on a road.

The road took them to Odiare, a settlement of about 1,000 to 2,000 people. The people of Odiare were celebrating Bambeen and anticipating a puppet show at the recently reconstructed Secolo Theatre.

It seemed a typical town, but the party noticed two things early on: the local goddess was named Maria and there seemed to be no residents over age 40.

Early in the evening, a man was murdered and the party was drawn to the scene by the screams of his wife. They discovered a knife hidden under the daughter’s bed when Aldo, the local constable arrived. Aldo quickly deduced the identity of the murder and put the man he believed responsible for the crime into jail.

After the murder the party attended the puppet show. Midway through animated puppets swarmed the theater, slaughtering many of the adults. The lead puppet and puppeteer escaped out the back entrance.

Later the party fell victim to an ambush, and were attacked by the living puppets. As the marionettes struck Stavros, Fraja and Ansari in the necks, their lives were transfered int the PC’s bodies, and vice versa. When they awoke, the character were locked in bird cages in the bodies of puppets.

Eventually they tracked down their bodies, re-entered them, discovered the history of Maligno and Guisepppe, and staged a final attack. When they killed Maligno, mists arose and transported them to Souragne.

In Souragne the party met Captain Dekker of the Firefly, who offered to transport them to the core. Alas, the captain’s map was stolen by a gypsy (Vistana) girl named Violla. The party agreed to enter the swamp and retrieve the captain’s map the next day.

When the party first entered Souragne, they saw a woman being hanged for dropping her child into the ocean. Later that evening, Fraja was attacked by a mysterious leech that tried to burrow into his skin. Later the same evening Stavros was similarly attacked and found more of the creatures aboard the ship. When one of the sailors shot another, they easily deduced that the leeches were trying to control peoples’ brains. When the first mate killed the possessed sailor, and Fraja tossed the body over board, they learned there was something beneath the waters that fed on humans.

At the end of the session, the party was in the Vistani camp in the swamp, speaking with Madame Volka about the map. Stavros took the time to have his fortune read, and learned he was “doomed”, cursed by the tattoo on his chest. Madame Volka’s going rate for the map was one soul.



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